Resignation Mail Sample with My Last Working Day

How to write Resignation Mail Sample with All Staff.

Resignation Mail Sample with HR and Manager and All Staff. Resignation mail format with Last Working Day.

If you want to inform your staff and give a registration, then this mail format will be very beneficial for you.If you have got a new job and you want to tell all the staff along with resignation, then this resignation Mail Sample will prove to be very beneficial for you.


Dear Sir/Team,

Due to some personal reasons I will not be able to continue my services with the company. Working with you and the entire Feedback Highways OMT Pvt Ltd was a great pleasure It’s not easy to say because of work 6 Month with Feedback Highways OMT Pvt Ltd family, but for the time being I will have to withdraw my services. It was a great journey and I wish all the best to the company for the future.

Please consider this mail as my formal resignation and the last working date 16/02/2021 and Kindly guide me for relieving letter and other formalities for full and final process. Please send me the acceptance of my resignation as soon as possible as that I need to have earliest for my future plans. I will be very thankful for your cooperation.

Thanks & Regards,
Satyavan Verma

Note: Please Change your Name and Date.

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