How to write Maternity Leave Letter

How to write Maternity Leave Letter to boss. Maternity Leave Request Letter. If you are pregnant then you should write this letter to take leave. Office Leave Letter for Maternity.

Maternity Leave Letter Format

If you are pregnant then you should write this letter to take leave. Maternity leave Request Letter.


Henry Sharma

Human Resource Manager

ABC Company

123 Main Street

Townsville, MA 34567

March 15, 2020

Ref: Maternity Leave Letter

Dear Mr. Sharma,

I would like to request for a two months’ maternity leave, commencing from March 25, 2020. I am an 8 month pregnant and my delivery is due in the mid of April.

My tentative date of joining would be June 01, 2020. But in case of any impediment, I will update you on priority about the extension of my maternity leave.

I have attached all the maternity details, including the required medical forms, applications and other details that are necessary for the maternity leave. I would like to avail the entire maternity leave benefits as per our company’s maternity norms.

In this meantime, I have carried over my responsibilities to Mr. Arjun, who can handle all responsibilities very well.

I would be really thankful if you kindly confirm my maternity leave, tentative date of joining and the medical benefits.

Looking ahead for your response and thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Sarah Gupta

Technical Analyst

ABC Company

Note: Please Change Your Name and Date etc.

Final Words : If you work in a company, then this letter is necessary for you. If you are pregnant. The time doctor of pregnancy has advised you to rest, then you should rest.


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How to write Joining letter cancellation Mail

How to write a Joining letter cancellation mail. Joining Letter cancel letter format.

Hello Guys today i am sharing. Joining letter cancellation mail Sample. When you get hike salery in your company. When you get Hike salary in same company so i want to cancel my joining letter.

Joining Letter Cancellation Mail

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to inform you that I am canceling joining letter. It seems that after taking the appointment letter from your company, he shows the same to his previous company & maybe got the salary hike from his previous company.
So I’m canceling this letter.


Thanks & Regards
Your Name

Note: Please Change Your Name and Personal Reason.

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